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Ich erforsche das Leben nicht nur auf Reisen in der Außenwelt, sondern gucke auch nach Innen. Dort suche ich nach Antworten auf neue Fragen: Wie etwa hängen Bewusstsein und Technologie zusammen?


Podcast with Anja Adler and Hanno Burmester on Next Politics: Alter Ego and Open State of Politcis 2017


Podcast with Thomas Hübl: Giving Restores Relation (2017)

At irregular intervals I, together with Stefan Haefliger from CASS Business School London, hold an online discussion with the spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl. So far, we have talked about a whole range of topics, from Brexit to Innovation. This time, we are speaking about the deeper meaning of giving, of donations and effective altruism. In the recording we mention a couple of websites, which are interesting for people who want to know more about the new movement called Effective Altruism, such as Giving What we Can and


Wer Gutes tut, muss gut zu sich selbst sein (2017)

Eines der spannendsten Projekte, die ich momentan begleite, ist das Wellbeing Projekt, initiiert von einer Reihe von großen Sozialunternehmer-Netzwerken (Ashoka, Schwab, Skoll etc.). Für tbd community habe ich in einer kleinen Artikelserie meine Gedanken zu Wellbeing und der Bedeutung von innerer Arbeit für gesellschaftlichen Systemwandel niedergeschrieben. 

Wer Gutes tut, muss gut zu sich selbst sein

Was verstehen wir überhaupt unter "innerer Arbeit"?

Vom Erwachsen werden hin zum Erwachen


Why meditate when you are 24.

This summer we spent a week with a group of Twenty Somethings, friends of my children, in our house in the South of France. One evening, sitting in the evening sun around a large dinner table, the discussion turned to meditation. We had just constructed a Mongolian yurt and the Twenty Somethings wanted to know why my husband and I sat there every morning to meditate for up to an hour.

The ensuing discussion was lively and intense. There was real flow. Nevertheless, I was very surprised when coming down to the kitchen at 8 o’clock the next morning, eight out of the ten young people staying with us were there as well, ready to join us for the meditation.

Read the whole article here.


Internet and human consciousness 

Joana Breidenbach in conversation with Thomas Hübl about the interrelation of the internet with human consciousness. Recorded at betterplace in Berlin on February 17, 2015.


 Five Minutes a Day

Wir kuratieren Nachrichtenschlagzeilen und stellen sie für die kontemplative Praxis zu Verfügung. Meditiere über Nachrichten hier.



Silent Meditation Starter Kit

Among the great passions I discovered a few years ago is a regular meditation practice. Normally I will sit for up to an hour in the mornings, attending meditation retreats at regular intervals. Last month, together with a few friends, we organised our first self-guided silent meditation retreat in my house in the South of France. Spending six days in complete silence, including no physical or eye-contact seems for many people a daunting prospect. Yet for us the week was a really fundamental and enjoyable experience.

My friends and I (Bettina, Sonia, Martin and Stefan) have assembled a few guidelines, tips and accessories which we would like to share in order to encourage more people to start their own, self-organized silent meditation retreats. Read the rest.